Steven Hu

Photon Taiwan Techincal Director & Evangelist

Photon Taiwan 技術總監與技術推廣者。  

  • 目前為 Photon Taiwan 提供專業技術、網路影片、Blog 教學等服務。
  • 曾於遊戲公司、社交網路以及資訊平台服務多年,常年鑽研遊戲程式設計與 App 系統及架構。
  • 期許能將多年於業界的實務經歷,為台灣的開發者帶來有用的網路連線知識,熟悉網路遊戲設計,進而開發出獨一無二世界無敵的超賣大作。

Sessions by Steven Hu

Photon Quantum & Fusion - The new benchmark of multiplayer game engine, the brilliant new era for the online games.

Day 2 - 13:30 - 14:00
Language: Mandarin/Chinese

How to make real-time and exciting multiplayer online battle games such as Fall Guys, Battle Royale, MOBA, and Brawls? Whether you are a large company or a small studio, or even an independent developer, as long as the development adopts Photon Quantum's synchronization technology, you can do it in a short time.

I will introduce a few popular games to see how they use the Deterministic + Predict + Rollback + ECS union architecture to achieve zero-latency online game development and a smooth gaming experience. Simultaneously, we must introduce a brand-new and unique network engine to you: Photon Fusion, which combines all the current network connection synchronization architecture by adopting Delta Snapshot and Eventual Consistency technology. When developing an FPS 5v5 real-time battle game or survival action games for hundreds of players, it can be as simple as writing a single-player game. Curious? Come and listen!